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Asbestos 101 – Facts and Figures To Warrant Professional Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a heat-resistant, fibrous mineral that was used long ago in construction, clothing, insulation, home appliances, paint, and other common products. While used long ago, their presence today is considered hazardous owing to the life-threatening conditions exposure to it brings forth. It is estimated over 2 million tons of asbestos are taken throughout the world each year. This is a staggering figure showing the huge extent of exposure that millions of people have. It is no wonder people are advised to have professionals conduct a thorough asbestos testing to ensure there is very minimal, to zero exposure.

If not for anything else, exposure to asbestos may take several years before you start to develop any serious health complications. Some people do not even know that the cause of their endless visit to the hospital could be as a result of extended exposure to asbestos way before. Continuous exposure can lead to lung cancer among other health complications.

The good news is that it is possible to have asbestos testing done by professionals. This silent killer that lurks in most of the old buildings may inhabit textured paint, floor tiles, appliances in your home or office, or even the heating and plumbing ducts. Only an accredited asbestos testing lab can conduct the testing and provide a detailed report on the best Asbestos management plan. When testing is conducted, samples of a surface suspected to contain asbestos is taken. It is then taken through a rigorous testing process with state of the art testing technology that uses polarized light microscopy (PLM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and phase contrast microscopy (PCM). These tests will then show whether or not asbestos is present and also advice on the extent of damage and exposure. To understand more about the presence of asbestos,  view here!​

That said, it is important to contact an experienced asbestos service company if you are to get reliable results. This is a service provider that has been in the industry for a considerable period. One that has the tried and tested experience in all aspects that revolve around asbestos from asbestos surveys to asbestos refurbishment, asbestos testing, asbestos management, and even asbestos demolition surveys. It also makes sense to work with an accredited institution within your neighborhood. This way, the logistics of working hand in hand with the company to rid your building off this hazardous and life-threatening fibrous material will fall in place. To know more about asbestos click here:

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